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We assist in generating revenue without the stress.

Our industry leadership stems from our proven methodology and customized strategic approach, uniquely tailored for each client.

GSA/FSS Contract Facilitation

Navigating the multi-phase, extensive contract process is daunting. Fortunately, our firm masters this process and ensures successful completion.

  • Preferred Vendor Status
  • Increased Company Revenue
  • #1 Government Contract Vehicle

Government Certifications

Our team excels in numerous certifications/registrations. Reach out to us today to identify the right certification for your business.

  • 8A Certifications
  • Woman Owned Cert
  • SAM Registration

Government Research Database

Our Gov Bid Search Database is essential for companies seeking open bid solicitations, spending reports, and historical government award data.

  • Daily Solicitations
  • All active and historical contractors
  • Federal, State, and Local Procurement Officers

Bid Writing

Eyeing an open government bid opportunity? Our proficient technical writers can craft a proposal swiftly to optimize profitability and success.

  • Professional proposals that stand out from the competition
  • Quick and accurate turnaround time
  • Leveraging Past Successful Outcomes

Why partner with us for your GSA Schedule Contract?

Client satisfaction & Client success are the priority at Smarter Contracting Solutions.

  • Achieving Results for Over 20 Years
    Finding a government consulting firm boasting similar quality experience is a tough task for most businesses. Our intricate market knowledge propels client success.

  • Satisfied Clients
    Throughout the years, we've aided businesses across 30+ diverse sectors secure government contracts worth billions collectively. Our firm's driving force is witnessing the growth and prosperity of our clients.

  • 50+ Dedicated Team Members
    Our employees are the backbone of our company. Whether it's sales, fulfillment, or customer service, you'll encounter adept team members committed to propelling your company's success.

  • Compliance Is Key
    Legislative changes significantly affect award probabilities. Our meticulous compliance and currency contribute to our clients' increased positive outcomes..

  • Current Government Spending Data
    Besides ensuring compliance, our firm also maintains access to premier government data to inform our clients about the government spending trends within their respective industries.

  • Covering all areas of Government Contracting
    We excel by adapting to client needs, specializing in all government contracting sectors - Federal, State, or Local, ensuring profitable navigation.

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